Website Development

At IV Tech, we develop a strategic plan for your website solution.

During the web design process, the objectives defined in our strategic planning serve as a frame of reference so that every decision is aimed at delivering the right information to the right target. Using this approach, we are able to design websites that appeal to a desired market, target a specific audience, and lead that audience to specific information.

Our goal in web design is to design websites with logical architectures, intuitive navigation, creative and aesthetic page layout, and powerful presentation. We design sites that scale well over time and that are easy to manage.

After developing the infrastructure for a website, we will deliver changing content according to the specifications outlined in your strategic plan and can create automated systems for managing information flow.

If you are updating your own website, we periodically perform analyses to identify broken links and to ensure image optimization. We use information gathered through website traffic analysis to make web design recommendations as necessary.

eCommerce and online stores go hand in hand. If you want to sell your products and services online, it’s important that you have the necessary elements in place that will help a visitor buy your products and services. This can only happen if you integrate Shopping Cart Development in your E-commerce site.

The needs and requirements of every business are unique. Our objective is to deliver out-of-the-box solutions. We bring together all the ecommerce elements in one single package to ensure an improvement in customer conversion rates, sales growth and an enhanced interaction between customers, business partners and suppliers.

We have a successful track record of not only offering the most sophisticated and persuasive online stores, but also develop stand alone concepts in the sphere of shopping cart development, custom shopping cart design amongst various others.

Our proficiency in shopping cart development is an integral part of our e-store design services and the wide scope of our services helps us give due importance to the various factors that contribute to the growth and development of an online business.


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