Application Development

IV Tech is unique in that we are the only mobile app company focused on providing mobile solutions for small businesses. With our specific aim on small business industries we are able to provide the necessary features and functionality that any business will need to make their app a successful marketing tool. A proper application will allow a small business to successfully expand their presence into the mobile market, correlating to a direct increase in revenue.

How Can I Grow My Company with IV Tech?

Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history. Establishing yourself early as a mobile solution provider will help retain existing customers, attract new customers, and differentiate your company from your competition. Mobile applications are the next frontier of marketing for businesses and the industry is predicted to sky rocket over 1000% in the next three years to a 56 billion dollar market.

* Add value to your existing product offerings
* Differentiate your company from your competitors
* Provide a needed service to your clients and attract new clients
* Establish your business as a cutting edge technology company
* Be part of the fastest growing industry in history
* Generate an additional revenue stream for your company

Smart phones and tablets, which have become a smart choice for web surfing, need to have customized applications developed for them for an outstanding end user experience.


Because of this reason, businesses are increasingly realizing the need for application development to reach out to the maximum number of clients and ensure a smooth transition from lead generation to sales and subsequent customer satisfaction.


Our application developers provide following:

* Custom Applications
* Media Management and Streaming applications
* Applications that are location-based
* Tools and utility apps
* Enterprise or Business apps
* Entertainment related applications

Tablets and Smart phones are increasingly becoming the popular alternatives for desktops because of the enhanced portability factor, making mobile application development a much required service. Apart from being a tool for receiving and making calls, mobile phones have forayed into areas which were previously the strongholds of only desktops and laptops. With incorporation of latest technologies, mobile devices have remarkably changed the platform on which the world of business functions.


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